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One-On-One Swim Instruction

Private swim lessons are a great option for students of all ages looking to catch up or get ahead. Private Swimming lessons give you individualized attention to help improve or master swimming skills. The Y Swim Lesson Curriculum is customized to help each swimmer reach their goals.

Private lessons include: Four thirty-minute lessons
Pricing: Members: $100 | Community: $200

To schedule private lessons, please fill out the private lesson request form below:



We're so excited to getting you started on your new swim lesson journey! In order to ensure program success, we have implemented Private Swim Lesson Guidelines that allow the participant and Swim Instructor to work together efficiently.

  • Once a request is submitted the aquatics director will pair the participant with an Instructor. Payments are not due until the student is paired with an instructor by the Aquatics Director. 
  • Please realize that many Instructors have Private Lessons scheduled back to back. If you are late for a lesson that time may not be made up. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a lesson the Instructor has the right to cancel that lesson.
  • Questions? Please feel free to contact your Aquatic’s Director Sarah Deming via email or phone call 402-404-8439.


Private Lesson Data Entry
Student First & Last Name
Student Birthday

Notice to All Applicants: The YMCA strictly enforces its policies and practices to prevent child abuse.

Allegations or suspicions of child abuse are taken very seriously at the YMCA and will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation. We have abuse reporting procedures, there are unscheduled visits from supervisors, we have an open door for parents, and we have a code of conduct for staff. We minimize opportunities for abuse to occur and we talk with children about personal safety and touching limits. We also screen carefully to prevent abusers from being hired and we provide child abuse prevention training to staff.


Lesson Availability
List Days Available:
What are the goals of this private lesson?

Please reach out to our Aquatics Director, Sarah Deming:


PHONE | 4024048439