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As a nonprofit dedicated to keeping our community healthy, safe, and thriving for all, Y members like you make our impact possible. Thank you for staying with us during these incredibly challenging times.

Please allow us to share what we have been doing to help our Siouxland community this past year!

Egg Distribution

Since March 16th, 2020 the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA has:

  • Offered Emergency Child Care to 15 families while our facility and locals schools were shut down March 2020 – May 2020.
  • Organized 3 Blood Drives with Live Serve Blood Center and the American Red Cross that will help about 75 people receive blood.
  • Kept ALL Full-time staff to maintain their employment.
  • We have tackled some much-needed repairs to the facility.
  • Checked in and called more than 4,000 members to ask how they are coping with the COVID-19 situation and if there was anything the Y could help.
  • Produced over 52 videos of workouts, kid and family activities and sport drills.
  • Offered free group fitness platforms FREE for EVERYONE!
  • Restructured our social media which has included over 300 posts with access to workouts, recipes, motivation, crafts, activities, etc.
  • Created a virtual YMCA page on our website.
  • Offered a FREE ‘All in April’ wellness challenge with weekly prizes.
  • Reinvented our newsletters and created meaningful content twice a week.
  • Established a number of partnerships with area nonprofits to serve Siouxland better through the COVID-19 crisis.
  • FREE Community Connection Calls to anyone who would benefit from someone calling and checking in on them as a partnership with Connections Area Agency on Aging.
  • Donated 960 rolls of toilet paper to the community.
  • Y Staff filled 1,390 backpacks of food through a partnership with the Food Bank of Siouxland through their “Back Pack” program for kids.

The distribution of FREE food through community partnerships with the Food Bank of Siouxland. The Y provided the place and the volunteers needed (ALL YMCA Staff and Board Members) to distribute food to those in need. In addition, the Y, the Sioux City Police Department along with these partners were able to distribute meals to those in need.

  • Tyson, Inc.
    • 78,000 lbs. of FREE Tyson protein donated by Tyson, Inc.
  • Daybreak Foods, Inc.
    • 259,200 eggs donated by Daybreak Foods, Inc.

  • Premium Iowa Pork - Lynch Foundation
  • Foodbank of Siouxland
Tyson Truck

The Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA has distributed:

  • 921,100 meals to our Siouxland community in less than seven weeks!
  • Impacting more than 62,000 individuals in Siouxland.

We were there for you then, and we are here for you now. Thank you for all of those who helped in our efforts to serve the Siouxland Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic!