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We offer a variety of group exercise classes to South Sioux City, Sioux City and the entire Siouxland area. All fitness levels are welcome at ANY of our classes - adjustments and modifications are available for beginners and advanced participants alike. No need to sign up in advance; all classes are FREE and included in your YMCA membership and last approximately one hour unless otherwise noted.

Every class is led by a nationally certified instructor.
Check out our WINTER schedule by clicking one of the links below:

Winter Group Exercise Schedule: English

Winter Group Exercise Schedule: Spanish


*The schedule is subject to change.
*In the event of inclement weather, programming at the YMCA may be offered at a limited basis or canceled for the day.





Advanced Yoga

Advanced Yoga: This yoga class helps improve flexibility, strength and balance while enhancing posture, coordination and mental focus. This challenging workout is recommended for more experienced yoga participants.


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga: A class that connects your breath to your movements leaving you relaxed. This type of yoga is a great for beginners and helps to gain flexibility and strength.


Aqua Bootcamp

Aqua Bootcamp: A mid to high intensity variety of aqua classes to work strength and cardio.


Aqua Charged

Aqua Charged: A shallow water workout that focuses on endurance and muscular strength while training and improving balance and flexibility at a high intensity.

Aqua Dance

Aqua Dance: A fast paced, high intensity workout that builds cardio and tones muscles all while dancing in the water to your favorite songs!


Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit: This mid-intensity class combines cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance in a full body workout.


Aqua Motion

Aqua Motion: A beginner shallow water aerobics class including exercises to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.


Aqua Rehab

Aqua Rehab: A low impact, low intensity water class designed to rehabilitate muscles and range of motion.


Barre Yoga

Barre Yoga: An empowering & energizing workout that uses a variety of equipment to create long, lean, powerful muscles.



Blast: An energetic cardio workout using STEP to train fitness, agility, coordination, and strength.



Centergy: A mind-body workout incorporating Yoga and Pilates fundamental movement for balance, mobility, flexibility and core strength.



Core: A great class for those seeking a quick, athletic, and intense workout that can be customized for all fitness levels.


Deep Water Aqua

Deep Water Aqua: This is a low impact and high strength building workout done in the deep end of the pool.


Enhance Fitness

Enhance Fitness: A community-based wellness program to help manage the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain by increasing mobility, strength and energy.



Fight: An upbeat strength and cardio focused class that incorporates MMA moves into a great entire body work out. It is medium intensity for those looking to challenge themselves in a new and creative way!


Functional Balance

Functional Balance: Functional Balance is designed to help you become stronger and improve your balance. The movements taught in class focus on specific exercises to improve strength and coordination around the ankle, knee and hips. This class is designed for fall prevention and is suitable for nearly every fitness level. A chair may be used for balance and support.



H.I.I.T.: A high intensity interval training circuit workout combining cardio, endurance, and strength.



Pilates: This class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement.



Power: From beginner to pro, this results driven strength training workout utilizes an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight exercises to gain strength and tone muscles!



Ride: This interval class is a fantastic way to shape and strengthen your lower body while improving your cardio endurance and burning calories.


Shallow Splash

Shallow Splash: A shallow water workout that combines low impact cardio and strength training movements to help balance and agility on land!


Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers: Move to the music and increase muscular strength, balance, range of movement, and activities for daily living. Our energetic instructors will guide you through each exercise that you can complete at your own pace.


Silver Cycle

Silver Cycle: This class is geared toward our Active Older Adult Population and will help to increase stamina, balance, and coordination.


Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga: A gentle style of Yoga that helps to improve flexibility, balance, breathing, and range of motion. This yoga utilizes props such as chairs and bolsters to provide additional support and balance to this unique class.


SP 30

SP 30: A 30 minute medium to high intensity class to address body part specific work out that burn calories and tone specific areas. These classes will rotate between glutes, core, arms and legs!


Strong by Zumba

Strong by Zumba: This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio & plyo training moves synced to music that has been designed to match every single move.



Tabata: Pack an intense workout in with quick and exciting 20-45 second intervals that focus on cardio and strength!


Tabata Cycle

Tabata Cycle: Burn calories, improve muscular endurance and build cardio fitness as you ride with surges, short intervals, power and end with a rush!


TRX Circuit

TRX Circuit: Use suspended TRX straps to perform a limitless number of movements by adjusting a number of factors including reps, sets, and rest periods.



TRX-treme: This class takes TRX to the next level with advanced movements that will challenge your limitations.


Water Walking

Water Walking: Begin your aqua journey with this fun strength and balance building aqua workout. A great fit for beginners and those recovering from surgery.



X-Train: This class takes a new spin on circuit training. Each week will be a different workout! Each circuit will be created by the instructor and focus on total body calorie burning.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga: Designed to help you by stretching connective tissue around the joints. Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia tissue.



Yoga: Yoga is designed to improve the health, performance and mental clarity for individuals interested in improving their level of overall fitness. The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being



Zumba: A dance-inspired fitness workout that draws on a variety of dance styles including Club, Urban, Latin, and MORE!