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Swimmer Spotlight

Each month the Aquatics Department at the Y would like to showcase someone important to the swimming community, and tell their story!

This month we’d like to share about Evan and his mom, Buffy!

Evan started out taking swimming lessons through the Siouxland Y in March of 2021. At the time, he would only swim with a lifejacket on. He made quick progress as a swimmer and joined the Penguins Swim Team that fall! Here’s what Evan has to say about swimming at the Y:

What do you like about being on the Penguins Swim Team?

It's very fun, and you’re always active!

What’s your favorite stroke?


Why do you want to be a lifeguard when you grow up?

Because it seems really fun, and I saw a lifeguard get in to save my friend who couldn’t swim once!

What’s something that you’ve learned from swim team and swim lessons?

It helped me improve my strokes. I couldn’t do butterfly before, but now I can!

Why do you think it’s important for kids to learn how to swim?

Because when you’re older, at least once in your life you’re going to want to go swimming, and it might not be where you can touch! So it would be important to know how to swim.

Buffy had this to say about their time in aquatics:

What brought you to the Y for swimming lessons?

I wanted Evan to do something that could work around our busy schedules, so private lessons being so flexible was a major driving factor. I also think the students learn much faster with the 1/1 lessons.

How have Evan’s swimming skills changed since starting lessons?

Well we started in March of last year, and he would only be in the water with a lifejacket on, and now he’s on the swim team 6 months later! At the last meet, he took almost 4 seconds off his backstroke time and a second off his freestyle time. Just seeing his confidence and “I can do this” mindset grow has been incredible.

Is there anything else you want to share about lessons or team?

I think Haley’s doing an awesome job with Evan, she makes it fun and keeps him going. She does a good job of keeping the kids engaged, and Ian does a great job of that as well. And we can’t forget what a great job Aiden did when they were working together!

Evan and Buffy have made an impact on a lot of YMCA staff since becoming active in the aquatics department. Evan’s long time swim instructor, Aiden, says, “Evan’s really fun to teach because he’s a goofy kid and a fast learner. He started taking lessons to be able to swim safely and it’s been really fun to watch him end up on the swim team”.

Penguins Swim Team head coach, Haley says, “I enjoy coaching Evan because he’s a swimmer who always comes and tries his hardest and he always wants to learn something new! It’s great having Buffy as a parent on the team, because she’s always looking for ways to help improve the team”. Assistant Coach Ian says, “It’s been great to watch Evan grow. In the last meet alone from the meet prior, he cut 3 seconds off his 25 backstroke, and a cut that drastic is awesome to watch! He’s obviously doing something right in practice, and it’s so cool to see him grow in such a short amount of time.

Thank you being a part of the swimming community at the Y, Buffy and Evan!

Swim with Evan



Evan and Buffy
Evan and Buffy


Evan and Buffy Swim Team
Left to right in the group photo, Assistant Swim Coach, Ian, Swim Instructor, Aiden, Buffy and Evan, and Head Coach, Haley.