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Whether you want to work out as an individual or a group – there are invigorating opportunities in the pool! You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to enjoy the benefits of our aqua fitness classes in our 25-yard Fitness Pool.

Aqua exercise allows you complete freedom of movement and puts no extra impact on your joints. Check out our current offerings today:

Aqua Charged
Are you looking for a challenging and dynamic water workout? Aqua Charged is a shallow water workout that focuses on endurance and muscular strength while training different energy systems and improving balance and flexibility. This class is excellent for people looking for an intense and fun workout with less impact on the joints.

Aqua Fit
Get ready, get set, get wet! This mid-intensity class combines 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of flexibility and balance work into one great class.

Aqua Motion
Shallow water moves are used to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Strength, balance and coordination will be challenged in this beginner water aerobics class.


  • Appropriate swim attire is required before entering our pools. Swimsuits must be made of swim fabric and purchased in a swimsuit department. 
  • Water fitness equipment is always available for members.
  • Aqua Group Fitness class schedule is subject to change. In the event of inclement weather, programming at the Y (Group Fitness classes, Youth Sports and Wellness programs) may be offered on a limited basis or canceled for the day. Please subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook pages in order to get updates regarding program changes.
  • Lap swimmers may be asked to circle swim and share a lane during peak times.