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The Y is a free internet hotspot. When accessing Wi-Fi networks, simply select “the Y’ open network. No password is required.

Photo Notice

The Y takes pictures and videotapes various activities for promotional use. If you prefer not to be photographed, stop by the front desk and let us know in writing.


The Y collects e-mail addresses to communicate electronically with members and participants. If you do not wish to receive YMCA e-communications, choose the “unsubscribe” option when you receive your first e-mail.

No Electronic Devices in Locker Rooms

To protect the privacy of all Y members, participants and guests, the use of cell phones, cameras or video recording devices is prohibited in ALL locker rooms and restrooms.

Hot Tub, Sauna and Steam Room

These are adult only areas that close 15 minutes before the building closes each night, (Currently only the Sauna is open in Phase 3 ReOpening Guidelines).


Lost & Found

The Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items while on Y property. You are responsible for keeping your valuables secure and out of sight. Items found will be placed in our lost & found collection at the front desk and be kept for one week. Items not claimed after one week will be donated.

Facility Maintenance Concerns

Major maintenance in our facilities may require that we close certain areas for extended periods of time, during which time members may continue to use other areas of the facility.

Emergency Exits

The emergency exits are indeed for emergencies only and must remain closed. Anyone caught using these will be asked to leave the facility. If an emergency door is opened an alarm will sound until a staff member deactivates it.

Smoking & Tobacco Products

Use of tobacco products and/or smoking is prohibited in the Y and on all YMCA grounds.

Membership Termination Policy

All YMCA memberships are ongoing! In order to terminate your membership and stop drafts, please call or stop in at the front desk to schedule your last date with us.

  • The Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA must have a 15 day notice prior to your draft date in order to cancel your draft otherwise you will draft once more and still have access to the Y before your membership terminates.
  • We'd like veryone to know that each membership can be placed on hold up to three times per calendar year for $10/month!



Water Slide Usage

Individuals must be 42 inches tall to use the Family Fun Pool waterslide and 48 inches tall to use the water slide at the SSC Outdoor Pool. Height measurement signs are posted next to each slide.

General Pool Regulations

All aquatics guidelines for Fitness Pool, Family Fun Pool and SSC Outdoor Pools (including age and behavior rules) can be read HERE.



Medical Incident Procedure

In the event of an accident, injury or medical incident requiring more than basic First Aid, staff will call 911, if deemed necessary, and then contact the party’s emergency contact.


In the event a building evacuation situation, staff will escort all children in Youth Center and Child Watch (if open at the time) to the designated outdoor safe area. An announcement will be made for all other members and guests in the building to follow in an orderly fashion. Parents will be allowed to check out their child once all children are safe.

Weather Emergency

In the event of an imminent weather situation (i.e- tornado), staff will escort all children in the Youth Center and Child Watch (if open at the time) to the designated, safe locker room area. All other members and guests in the building will be encouraged to stay in the building and also proceed to locker rooms. Parents will be allowed to check out their child once the weather situation has passed and everyone is deemed safe.


The Y uses these measures and more to ensure your safety:

  • On-site AEDs (automated external defibrillators)
  • Staff certified in CPR, First Aid and AED
  • Nationally certified lifeguards on-duty at all times pools are open
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Frequent and random safety walks of locker rooms and key areas by Y staff
  • Background checks conducted on all Y staff and volunteer coaches before allowing them to work with children