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The YMCA needs YOU! You have what it takes to be a volunteer coach! 

Kids remember their favorites: TV show, a pair of shoes, meal, vacation and a coach. The time you volunteer as a Youth Sports coach can leave a lasting impression on your team long after the season is over. Remember, you’re helping these kids today become better adults tomorrow! Many volunteers will run into former players years later and still be warmly greeted as “Coach”.

Without volunteer coaches, we would not be able to offer our quality Youth Sports programs.

The majority of our coaches are parents with a similar philosophy to the Y: sportsmanship and fun are primary goals; winning and losing are secondary. The responsibilities of a coach include promoting the Y philosophy to players, making sure all children get equal playing time and using yourself as a model of sportsmanship and fair play. All coaches must attend a coaches meeting prior to each season.

Don’t let a lack of experience stop you. Your enthusiasm and a little training are all you need to become a coach today!