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In addition to tackling treadmill boredom, a workout in the pool offers lots of benefits:
  • Water takes pressure off your joints
  • Water offers natural resistance to help with strength
  • Water exercise is fun
If you’re interested in trying a water workout, check out guidelines for using the pool and find a location near you. Once you’re ready to dive in, here are some ideas to get you moving in the water: Get creative during open swim In addition to swimming laps, you can try lots of different exercises to strengthen your muscles and your endurance. Check out sample workouts from:
  • Mayo Clinic Aquatic Exercises, including moves you can do with hand webs, water weights, kickboards and noodles
  • U.S. Masters Swimming Workouts, that provide high intensity, focus on specific strokes and are appropriate for expectant mothers and those with limited mobility
  • Water Walking 101 from the Arthritis Foundation, including how to do it, how you can add intensity and safety tips
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